Smells Like Teen Spirit

Orphan Black high school AU. Cophine, Soccercop, and kind of Sarah/Paul. One of the best fics I've ever read. tw for drugs, suicidal thoughts/attempt, bullying, abuse, and other stuff I can't remember atm sorry
The Shoebox Project

Multi-chapter Marauders fic that (thoroughly) covers their last few years at Hogwarts. One of the best fics I've ever read. Jily, Remus/Sirius. I haven't read it in ages so I can't remember if there's anything triggering. Sorry :/
The Flat Next Door

HP/BtVS crossover. Rupert Giles and Harry Potter friendship fic. I can't recall any triggering stuff?
The Rocky Horror Slayer Show

BtVS/RHPS fusion fic. The writer even changed the words of the song to fit BtVS. Fuffy and Willara. (My only complaint is Riley wasn't written well.) tw for murder, death, musical theater, other RHPS triggers? I don't remember.